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Love Is In The Hair

My Tips for Healthy Hair

So, this topic was requested by many of you and it’s something I’ve been wanting to talk about on my blog for awhile now! I’ve gotten asked quite often how I kept my hair healthy while growing it out. Here are some of my tips and tricks: (PSA: these are just the things that worked for me)

  1. Limit your washings as much as you can (I do every other day usually)
  2. Get a trim every other month
  3. Get a deep conditioning treatment 3–4 times a year
  4. Use an oil on the ends of your after you shower (my favorite is Moroccan oil)
  5. For the first 9–12 months of trying to grow my hair, I used this shampoo and conditioner
  6. Let it air dry as much as possible
  7. Apply heat (style it) once or twice a week: give it a break sometimes!


How I Style my Hair

  1. After showering, I apply the oil that I mentioned above on the ends of my damp hair
  2. Once my hair air dries for 45 mins or so, I blow dry it with the same type of dryer I have been using for 14 years now
  3. If I’m curling it, I don’t blow dry it perfectly straight because I like my hair to have a lot of volume
  4. I use this curling iron and typically remove the clamp and use it as a wand
  5. Depending on your part, I curl inward on the side with less hair and outward on the side with more hair
  6. To finish it off, I spray my hair with Moroccan hairspray
  7. When straightening my hair, I section it into two-three layers and leave the top part of my hair not perfectly straight so it doesn’t get flat (my straightener)
  8. I finish by spraying my hair with Oribe (my absolute favorite volume spray ever — it’s the best!)

Thanks for reading and I hope these tips work for you! Always feel free to message me if you have any other questions. If you liked this post, leave a comment and I will write more about beauty tips.



Why I Decided to Promote my Blog on my Personal Instagram Account

So, a lot of people have been asking me why I decided to combine my Instagram pages (seriously, I’ve been asked this at least 30 times). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me give you a quick explanation. When I first launched my blog (The Dress Code), I created a new Instagram account for it. Because so many names on Insta are taken these days, I had to name it @thedressccode (with two Cs). Some people may not have noticed this, but it REALLY bothered me. The URL was taken as well so my Instagram handle didn’t match my URL, which was also frustrating because I didn’t want to confuse my readers. I wanted consistency for my brand across all platforms. This is when I realized I was going to have to think of a solution for my brand to look more organized and established. I began researching successful fashion bloggers and I noticed that a few named their accounts and URLs after their name, then put their brand name in their bio (e.g., Rachel Parcel, who owns Pink Peonies). After more thought, I also realized I eventually want my blog/brand to be my lifestyle. I don’t want to only show photos of my outfits, I want to share my daily routines, my friends, family, products I use, etc. I shared these things on my personal Instagram account and figured I may as well start promoting my blog on my personal account, too. As mentioned earlier, I liked the idea of having my Instagram match my URL, which is now Stef Muir. Although some people may not agree with this strategy, I’m happy with this decision.  It’s allowed me to grow my following/brand faster than it was growing with my previous account. I’m not saying this is the correct way or only way of promoting on Instagram, it’s just what worked for me!





Spot-On Style

It’s almost the weekend, finally! If you live in Michigan, you know how cold it’s been … and how cold it’s going to be for the next couple months. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the motivation to dress cute when it’s so cold out. But lately, I’ve been turning to my fur and wool jackets. My favorite print right now is cheetah. I’m so glad it’s back in and I’m seeing a ton of it in stores. My go-to look with this jacket is black jeans, black booties, and any black top. For a more casual look, you could wear it with dark jeans, a western belt, and the original black & white Adidas shoes. Below are links to my favorite cheetah jackets:






Faux Fur

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! It’s been a crazy busy month, but I’m finally getting back to writing and posting.

Faux fur is my latest obsession and it’s super affordable, too. And, fortunately, at some of my favorite stores. The one I’m wearing in this post is so warm. I love the three colors — it makes it so easy to switch it up and wear it just a bit differently every time.

If you have white boots and aren’t sure about wearing them in the winter, this outfit is perfect for you because they match the fur coat so well. This is one of my favorite winter looks, so keep an eye out for similar outfits in the next few months here on my blog and on my Instagram page. Below are links to my favorite faux fur coats…at such affordable prices!:


Forever 21



Sweater Weather

This is my favorite kind of weather making it the perfect time to stock up on sweaters. I don’t like to spend too much, since I’m in love with so many! It helps to know which stores have cute, yet affordable, ones. This cream one is currently my favorite — especially with the black bow detail on the sleeves. The bows make it a touch more feminine, which I love! I also like that I can dress this sweater up or down. To make it more casual, I throw on black leggings and black leather sneakers or Sorel winter boots. To dress it up (even more than what’s pictured here), I pair it with leather leggings and shorter-heeled booties. The more ways I can wear the things I have, the better. With just a few switches here and there, you can get a lot more out of your wardrobe! Go to the links below to check out my go-to stores for sweaters:





Holiday Steals

Happy Black Friday everyone! I’ve been working on getting some holiday content together for you and am excited to share it. Since today is Black Friday and in 3 more days it’s Cyber Monday, I decided to write this post linking out great deals on Christmas gift ideas and must-have clothes for yourself too. If you don’t already, follow me on the app LIKEtoKNOW.it– many of the pieces on there are on sale today and Monday!

The jacket I’m wearing in this post is definitely a must-have this season. Metallic is trending right now- especially these silver metallic puffers! You can shop this one on my profile on LIKEtoKNOW.it (linked above). Below are more holiday gift ideas:







This Season’s must-haves

It’s almost the weekend guys! Which means it’s the perfect time to go to the mall and catch up on all the latest trends. My current favorite item in closet are these fur slides I found at Aldo when I was shopping at Twelve Oaks mall this past weekend. If you follow me on my Instagram, you know I’m obsessed with shoes that have fur on them whether they’re heels, sneakers, boots, or slides. These black ones are the perfect addition to your closet since they match literally everything! The jeans I’m wearing are from BlankNYC- a great find from Nordstrom. The hem is super trendy right now and you can always use another pair of jeans, am I right?! Lastly, is this amazing velvet bomber jacket (another Nordstrom find). I’m seriously obsessed with it and know it will be my go-to piece this fall and winter. Velvet is also trendy right now so this is the perfect time to add it to your wardrobe!

You can shop my whole outfit in one trip to Twelve Oaks mall. Be sure to check out my Instagram to see other ways I will wear these pieces throughout this fall and winter season.

Where I Have Been Finding My Current Favorite Trends

Happy Monday! I know it’s been a couple weeks since I have posted on here but I have some upcoming exciting content to share with you guys. I’ve been loving this fall weather and all of the clothes that go along with it. Of course I have on my black over-the-knee boots as they’re the perfect go-to shoes when it’s cold out but you still want to wear a skirt or dress. I typically wear my Steve Madden ones but I found another pair from Aldo while I was shopping at Twelve Oaks Mall last week. They have all the stores you could need for this seasons trends, including this black zip-up corduroy dress from H&M. This is a perfect staple piece to have in your closet this fall and winter. You can dress it up or down and it matches everything. I love to get my fashion inspiration online but it’s nice to try things on before purchasing so you don’t have to worry about returning and mailing items back. I’ve been finding everything I’m looking for in one trip to Twelve Oaks- it’s so convenient!

Mad for Plaid

I absolutely love Fall fashion, and this outfit is one of my favorite looks yet! You’ll be seeing over-the-knee boots in a lot of my posts this fall and winter because I’m obsessed. I have them in too many colors and love to pair them with skirts and dresses. I’m not much of a tights girl so these boots are my go-to when it’s chilly outside. My favorite is the top and you’ll probably be surprised to know it’s from H&M. So affordable, but looks super trendy and chic. I’m loving the plaid and this corset look this season, so I was really excited when I found both trends in one shirt!

Hello Fall

The weather is finally starting to feel like Fall, which means it’s time to break out my Fall clothes.. starting with this outfit! You will be seeing a lot of different looks from me with these white boots because I’m obsessed and love getting so much use out of them. They look cute with skirts and dresses but look just as good with jeans, especially when it’s chilly outside. I’m also loving this embroidered blouse from Quiz Clothing– a really cute online clothing boutique. I like this top because it can be worn pretty much all year long. The floral embroidery makes it good for Fall but the white at the bottom gives it a summery look. This will probably be one of my go-to looks this season. I have a ton of Fall outfits that I’m so excited to share with you guys on here and my Instagram as well so stay tuned!

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