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Love Is In The Hair

My Tips for Healthy Hair

So, this topic was requested by many of you and it’s something I’ve been wanting to talk about on my blog for awhile now! I’ve gotten asked quite often how I kept my hair healthy while growing it out. Here are some of my tips and tricks: (PSA: these are just the things that worked for me)

  1. Limit your washings as much as you can (I do every other day usually)
  2. Get a trim every other month
  3. Get a deep conditioning treatment 3–4 times a year
  4. Use an oil on the ends of your after you shower (my favorite is Moroccan oil)
  5. For the first 9–12 months of trying to grow my hair, I used this shampoo and conditioner
  6. Let it air dry as much as possible
  7. Apply heat (style it) once or twice a week: give it a break sometimes!


How I Style my Hair

  1. After showering, I apply the oil that I mentioned above on the ends of my damp hair
  2. Once my hair air dries for 45 mins or so, I blow dry it with the same type of dryer I have been using for 14 years now
  3. If I’m curling it, I don’t blow dry it perfectly straight because I like my hair to have a lot of volume
  4. I use this curling iron and typically remove the clamp and use it as a wand
  5. Depending on your part, I curl inward on the side with less hair and outward on the side with more hair
  6. To finish it off, I spray my hair with Moroccan hairspray
  7. When straightening my hair, I section it into two-three layers and leave the top part of my hair not perfectly straight so it doesn’t get flat (my straightener)
  8. I finish by spraying my hair with Oribe (my absolute favorite volume spray ever — it’s the best!)

Thanks for reading and I hope these tips work for you! Always feel free to message me if you have any other questions. If you liked this post, leave a comment and I will write more about beauty tips.



Why I Decided to Promote my Blog on my Personal Instagram Account

So, a lot of people have been asking me why I decided to combine my Instagram pages (seriously, I’ve been asked this at least 30 times). If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me give you a quick explanation. When I first launched my blog (The Dress Code), I created a new Instagram account for it. Because so many names on Insta are taken these days, I had to name it @thedressccode (with two Cs). Some people may not have noticed this, but it REALLY bothered me. The URL was taken as well so my Instagram handle didn’t match my URL, which was also frustrating because I didn’t want to confuse my readers. I wanted consistency for my brand across all platforms. This is when I realized I was going to have to think of a solution for my brand to look more organized and established. I began researching successful fashion bloggers and I noticed that a few named their accounts and URLs after their name, then put their brand name in their bio (e.g., Rachel Parcel, who owns Pink Peonies). After more thought, I also realized I eventually want my blog/brand to be my lifestyle. I don’t want to only show photos of my outfits, I want to share my daily routines, my friends, family, products I use, etc. I shared these things on my personal Instagram account and figured I may as well start promoting my blog on my personal account, too. As mentioned earlier, I liked the idea of having my Instagram match my URL, which is now Stef Muir. Although some people may not agree with this strategy, I’m happy with this decision.  It’s allowed me to grow my following/brand faster than it was growing with my previous account. I’m not saying this is the correct way or only way of promoting on Instagram, it’s just what worked for me!





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